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Fun gaming has become more than computer gaming today. Active physical participation in any game brings the actual charm out of it. The team participation always brings more fun and builds up the bond between team mates. Various fun games have become a part of our leisure and creative employee engagements. It is an adventure game which is played in groups in almost dark gaming arena specially designed for this game. Here the players put on electronic vests as they participate and ‘tag’ one another with the ‘phases’ as they have to score points. 

These games are much appreciated as a part of the employee engagement programs in various companies. Laser tag creates a team building rapport in between the team members of the company participating in the game. It is an excellent way of busting stress and releases all levels of frustration from the employees. People can revive their energy levels which falls due to many work related and other issues. It is more of a game of strategy built up than mere shooting. One can learn a lot after a session of laser tag rather than enhancing his shooting skills. It encourages the creativity of the members. Each of the team members experiences a brainstorm as they plan a rigid winning strategy together. Unlike the paintball it is much more safe a game to play. Simultaneously it reduces stress, burns excess calories from the body and keeps the mind fit.

Laser Tag is a type of alternative Sport which is nothing but a fun and recreational activity. It is a computerised gaming which provides a real good time t the players. Irrespective of any age everyone can participate and enjoy this game. The equipments of laser tag are imported from Australia. The tag sensor in the band of every player is shot by the laser-guns which emits an infra-red coloured beam of light which is totally harmless. Thus one player “tags” another. Each player has his own gun to shoot the front and back sides of the band worn in head by the opponent. Thus they can score and enhance their “lives”. Each shot registers a score. Here there is no unnecessary physical hitting like in paintball gun games and chances of getting hurt is almost zero.

The beam works in control to the computer and the shooting is controlled digitally causing no physical hitting. So there is absolutely no requirement of any safety gear, mask, goggles etc. Laser Tag is an excellent way of reviving a team after a hectic tenure of work load. It is super exciting and total action packed game for people of any age group. However it is more played within adults.

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